+The Surface Rights e-File Application is a data driven application system for submitting recovery of compensation applications pursuant to section 36 of the Surface Rights Act.

How to access the Surface Rights e-File Application

Step 1: Create an account

All users require a valid Alberta.ca Account (previously know as MyAlberta Digital ID - MADI) or MyAlberta Digital ID for Business (MADI-B) account in order to login to the application. Individuals submitting an application require a Alberta.ca Account

If you are applying on behalf of a business or organization, a MADI-B account is required. The administrator(s) for a MADI-B account will send invitations to other employees of the organization in order to add them under the MADI-B account. Do not invite anyone outside of your organization to join your company's MADI-B account.

Step 2: Log in to the Surface Rights e-File application

Supported browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox

Important: Another individual or company can be delegated to submit an application or notice on your behalf by assigning them as a representative in in the Surface Rights e-File application. An individual or company has the ability to be both a representative and applicant but are required to have separate login access.

Quick reference guides

Quick reference guides (QRGs) provide step-by-step instructions to assist with submitting a recovery of compensation application under section 36 of the Surface Rights Act.

Application Type


Quick Reference Guide(s)

First Year

This form is for applicants who have not applied to the Land and Property Rights Tribunal for the recovery of compensation before. You must use a separate form for each surface lease agreement (or Board/Tribunal order) and ensure that the anniversary date of your original agreement has passed before you submit an application to recover any missed monies owed.

First year application submission


This form is for applicants who have previously applied to the Land and Property Rights Tribunal for the recovery of compensation and meet the following criteria:

  • You have applied to the Tribunal for compensation on this site before and your application was approved and paid by the Minister.
  • The original Agreement is still valid, i.e. a reclamation certificate has not been issued for your site at the time the compensation became payable or the Agreement has not been surrendered or rescinded.

Repeat application submission


Instructional videos on our page provide step-by-step instructions for getting started with the Surface Rights e-File Application, submitting various application types and making the most of the system's functionality and key features.

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For technical support with the Surface Rights e-File application system, email lprt.recovery@gov.ab.ca

For assistance with the Alberta.ca Account (MyAlberta Digital ID MADI/MADI-B) login required for access to the Surface Rights e-File Application, email myalbertaid@gov.ab.ca or call 1-844-643-2789